Protect Your Bubble Shares Battery-Saving Tips for iPhone 5 Owners

ATLANTA, Ga (PRWEB) October 12, 2012

Theres a lot of hype around the iPhones updated operating system, as well as its new apps and services. However, all the new bells and whistles can take a toll on the phones battery life. Knowing how to make adjustments on the phone can make a big improvement on the battery. Gadget insurance brand, Protect Your Bubble, provides some helpful tips to save on battery life and help make the most of the iPhones new features.

iPhone Brightness

One of the advantages of the iPhone 5 is the bigger and brighter screen. But, keeping the iPhone at its brightest will eat up the battery. Try toning down the brightness by dimming it a bit. This can be adjusted by going to Settings, and tapping on Brightness & Wallpaper. Start by scaling back the brightness scale to about midway. Then, Protect Your Bubble recommends disabling the Auto-Brightness function.

Switch Off Auto Time Zone

This feature, available on most iPhones, keeps the time zone updated automatically through data connection or through the phones network operator. This is really only useful when consumers cross into new time zones and chances are that this isnt something that needs to be activated until traveling. To adjust this setting, go to Settings, and then go to General. Next, tap Date & Time and then switch Set Automatically to the Off position.

Disable Location Services

This feature requires Wi-Fi or 3G connections to pin point the users location. This allows for location-based functionality and features on apps. While this is useful, its not always necessary and will use up a lot of battery. To disable this feature, go to Settings, then to Location Services and switch the feature to Off.

Wi-fi and Bluetooth

Heres a very impactful tip: turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Wi-Fi is a heavy user of battery life, even when its not connected, because its constantly scanning for a new connection. In addition, Bluetooth should be switched off when its not in use for security reasons. Both of these options are available in the first section under Settings.

Disable Push and Fetch Features

Push notifications from apps can be useful in getting real-time information. Some examples include receiving an alert about Instagram activity, updates about getting outbid on eBay and new email alerts. These scenarios require data and use battery life because they require internet access. Protect Your Bubble suggests adjusting this feature. Go to Settings, then to Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Next, tap Fetch New Data and slide Push to Off. Then, underneath, tap Manually. This will only fetch new data when accessing the email account. Finally, visit Settings and then Notifications and be sure to tap Manually under Sort Apps. This will make a big impact on battery life.

The iPhone 5 truly is a remarkable device and a must-have for techies or anyone who is due for an upgrade. While carrier subsidies offer heavy discounts, the cost of replacing the phone if lost, stolen or damaged is upwards of $ 650 without the subsidy. Thats why iPhone 5 insurance is so important. offers iPhone insurance and coverage covers loss, theft, accidents and damage and provides replacement devices in 24 hours. For more information, visit

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