Protect Your Bubble Explores Rumors about iPad Mini and Pending Press Invites

ATLANTA, Ga. (PRWEB) October 09, 2012

The Apple rumor mill is heating up once again as tech enthusiasts await the announcement of the iPad Mini. While the impending launch has the internet buzzing with leaked photos, prototypes, and statistics, gadget insurance brand, Protect Your Bubble, takes a closer look at the possibilities for the new tablet.

The biggest and perhaps most reliable rumor circulating is that press invites will go out tomorrow for an official Apple announcement on October 17 or 18, with an anticipated device release date in early November. While an Apple device announcement is pretty solidified, the idea of an iPad Mini is still up for debate, given Steve Jobs previous statements about 7-inch tablets, claiming that their smaller size would hurt the user experience thus making them dead on arrival. Even with such statements from Jobs, several sources have claimed this speech as a baiting technique and still expect Apple to take on other 7-inch tablets with an iPad Mini release.

The iPad Mini is expected to be just like the earlier models, but a little more compact, combining features of the iPhone 5 (new dock and new location for the headphone jack), the iPad 2 (high resolution graphics), and the traditional iPad, but with a petite 7.85 inch display and a lighter price point, guessed to be around $ 250. The new tablet, or other Apple device for that matter, is expected to run on iOS 6.

Apple iPad fans will have to wait until October 17 or 18 to know for sure whether the rumors are true. Still, Protect Your Bubble does know one thing for certain: Tablets have become an essential part of communication on a professional and personal level, and its important to protect them. The mobile gadget insurance brand offers affordable and comprehensive iPad insurance that provides coverage for unexpected events like theft, accidental damage, loss and breakdowns outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period, with 24 hour replacement of the device.

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